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China heavy duty grating export worldwide wholesale supplies

Specification: 13-20 USD/SQUARE METERS
Supply Ability: 10000 SQUARE METERS
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Place of OriginChina (Mainland)
Brand Nameshunjinhua
Material Steel
bar diameter6mm , 8mm, 12mm drain grating
pitch30/100,40/100 50/100 mm ,etc
cross bar size 5*5mm 32x5 steel grating
length 0.5-6m
load bar25x3mm, 30x3mm, 40x3mm, 30x3mm, 30x5mm etc
material Q235,Stainless Steel and other kinds of ss
Specification13-20 USD/SQUARE METERS
Supply Ability10000 SQUARE METERS
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

Product Detail:

     Load Bearing Flat Bar size

Thickness≥3mm, depth ≥19mm

19X3,19X5,20X3, 20X5, 25X3, 25X4, 25X4.5, 25X4.7, 25X5…..40X6, 40X8, 40X10,….90X6….

Pitch of Load bearding flat bars(mm)

12.5,15, 20, 30, 30.6,  32.5, 34,  34.8,  35.3, 40, 60, 80……

Pitch of cross bars(mm)

38.1, 50, 50.8, 70, 75, 80, 100, 101.6, 102……


The sizes and dimension is not limited to above.

1.4  Grating type: flat bar: plain type, plain I type, serrated type, serrated I type; cross bar: round type and square twisted type.


1.5  Finishing treatment: a. Galvanized, b. Untreated (black self-color), c. Painted


2. 11 sets of press welded (electro-forged welding) production lines creat largest production capability, flexible and controlled delivery to cater to the variety of needs of customers.


3. The high-tec techneque and equipment guarantee high quality of gratings. Most of machine were imported from Japan, Germany,Switzerland,etc.


4. Capable design can make grating customized according to site requirement


Main Market:


85% of galvanized steel grating are exported to the worldwide with perfect quality. There are many regular galvanized steel grating customers in USA Houston, Ohio, Charttle, LA, MiddleEast, AUS, Europe and Southeast so on. 

Usage of steel grating:


The grating lattice is widly used on construction project, oil project, seaport, power plant, water plant, defense project, chemical factory and so on.


Common Size:


The sizes 6meter x1 meter ,5.8meter x 1meter are the common size to Aisan and Middle East markers.

The plain galvanized steel grating commonly used on bridge,refinery ,power plant,Sewage treatment plant and so on.






Bearing Bar

25x3, 25x4, 25x4.5, 25x5, 30x3, 30x4, 30x4.5, 30x5, 32x5, 40x5, 50x5, 65x5, 75x6, 75x10---100x10mm etc; I bar: 25x5x3, 30x5x3, 32x5x3, 40x5x3 etc

US standard: 1''x3/16'', 1 1/4''x3/16'', 1 1/2''x3/16'', 1''x1/4'', 1 1/4''x1/4'', 1 1/2''x1/4'', 1''x1/8'', 1 1/4''x1/8'', 1 1/2''x1/8'' etc


Bearing Bar Pitch

12.5, 15, 20, 23.85, 25, 30, 30.16, 30.3, 32.5, 34.3, 35, 38.1, 40, 41.25, 60, 80mm etc

US standard: 19-w-4, 15-w-4, 11-w-4, 19-w-2, 15-w-2 etc.  


Twisted Cross Bar Pitch

38.1, 50, 60, 76, 80, 100, 101.6, 120mm, 2'' & 4'' etc                          


Material Grade

ASTM A36, A1011, A569, Q235, S275JR, SS304, Mild steel & Low carbon steel, etc


Surface Treatment

Black, self colour, hot dip galvanized, painted, spray coating  


Grating Style

Plain / Smooth, Serrated /teeth, I bar, serrated I bar                             



China: YB/T 4001.1-2007,  USA: ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88),

UK: BS4592-1987,  Australia: AS1657-1985, Japan:JIS                        



 1.High strength and light structure
2.Powerful anti-corrosion, durable and long working life
3.Beautiful appearance, bright surface
4.No dirt-rain-snow deposit, automatic cleaning, easy maintenance.
5.Good ventilation, day-lighting, heat-dispersing, resistant to sliding and explosion
6.Easy installation and disassembly




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Shunjinhua is specialized in manufacture and export all kinds of steel gratings with the best quality, competitive price and faster delivery time. Such as steelmill black and hot dip Galvanizing grating flooring walkway, platform and steel structures, stair tread, well cover, trench cover, compound gratings, storage shelves, ladder, fences and handrail so on for construction project, oil project, seaport, power plant, water plant, defense project, chemical factory and so on.

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