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Distributor Rain Drainage Medium Duty 25mm 32 x 5mm Platform Steel Grating Product Price

Specification: 1-100 USD/PIECE
Use Parts: 10 PIECE
Supply Ability: 4000 TON
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Place of OriginTianjin, China
Brand NameShunjinhua Trade
Model NumberSteel Grating
Product Namerain drainage 32x5 medium duty 25mm 32 x 5mm platform steel grating
Keywordsrain drainage 32x5 steel grating
MaterialCarbon Steel , Stainless Steel
ApplicationSidewalk Gutter Ditch Storm Trench Ditch flooring walkway, Driveway
Surface treatmentHot Dipped Galvanized , eleotro Galvanized
ProcessWelded , Pressure-locked , Swage Locked
ProductsGalvanized steel grate
TypeSerrated Bar Grating, Plain bar Grating , I bar grating
framed and hingeddepend on you
cross barRound, Twisted, Square
Specification1-100 USD/PIECE
Use Parts10 PIECE
Supply Ability4000 TON
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others


1. Name

Tianjin shunjinhua machinery manufacturing co. LTD

2. Business Type

Manufacturer & Exporter

3. Main Market

1. North America

2. South America

3. Western Europe

4. Southeast Asia

4. No. Employees

120-150 People

5. History

In 1996, Mr and Mrs Wang open their shop for welding ornamental gates. 10 years hard work helped them accumulate enough funds.

In 2006, they founded JH Steel and move into a 12000m2 plant. Their son Jack, graduated from Beijing Foreign Language School in 2009, began their international trading.

In 2014, Mr and Mrs Wang retailed and began their new business of management training. Operated by Jack, now JH Steel own 2 plants and 120 employees.

6. Main Products

1. steel grating , rain drainage steel grating

2. livestock yard and horse stalls.

7. Advantages

1. Introduced robots welding in 2011, which is widely commended.

2. JINGHUA Owns 4 Advanced Automatic Production Lines

3. Hot dipped Galvanization ---Zinc Rate >100g

8. Management

It's certain thatgood quality, fast delivery, perfect service can win more customers for us.

We are proud to provide full services coveringdesigning, sampling, testing, manufacturing, quality controlling, inspecting and delivery to companies that need a reliable supply

Product Description

Product Description

1. Steel Trench / rain drainage steel grating

1.rain drainage steel grating are manufactured by steel gratings with various types for choice suitable for different spans and loading. They are widely used in municipal engineering, roads, gardens, residential districts, schools, stadiums etc. Surface can be hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized or with no treatment.

2.rain drainage steel grating is widely used in city construction projects due to its protection from thieves. Its frame is made up of angle steel, and it has embedded parts to prolong its service life. The frame connects to steel grating with hinges, and has the advantages of being easy to open and pick proof. We can make products of detailed sizes as our customers need.

2. Specification


1. MaterialCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel2. Surface treatmentSurface treatment1. Hot dip galvanizing (HDG)2. Powder coating3. Painting4. Acid pickling5. Electrolytic polishing3. Grating StylePlain / Smooth, Serrated /teeth, I bar,serrated I bar4. Length& WidthCustomized5. Drainage Trench Grating Types1. Trench grate and angle frame2. Angle sided grates3. Box grating6. Grating standardChina: YB/T4001.1-2007 (YBritain: BS4592-1:1995US: ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-93)Australia: AS1657-1992

3. Detail Pictures Of rain drainage steel grating


4. Feature of rain drainage steel grating

1. Higher strength and durability than iron castings, suitable for using in larger spacing and heavier loading conditions such as the docks and airports.

2. Powerful anti-corrosion, durable and long working life

3. Beautiful appearance, bright surface , Heavy Duty

4. No dirt-rain-snow deposit, automatic cleaning, easy maintenance.

5. Good ventilation, day-lighting, heat-dispersing, resistant to sliding and explosion

6. Easy installation and dis-assembly,Gi Hot Dip Galvanized

7. Anti-theft design.

Product Uses

Application of rain drainage steel grating


We produce three kinds of Drop In Grate.

Used in municipal engineeringfactorygarage and residences to drain water and keep ground dry.

flooring walkway, Driveway, platform ,steel structuresstair treadwell cover, trench cover,sump cover,compound gratings,storage shelves, ladder, fences and handrail so on for construction project, oil project, seaport, power plant, water plant, defense project, chemical factory and so on.

We can design and manufacture Drop In Grate and in customized shapes per client's requirements .

1. Walkway , Diveway , Entrance Grate

Different Load-bearing grade

drainage / trench cover / concrete steel grating, light grade , middle grade, heavy grade steel grating can be supplied

2. Trench /Gully Drain / Storm water Cover

Kinds of trench cover ,like round , rectangular ,etc

With framework or not

3. Municipal engineering / drainage ditch Steel Grating

Heavy duty steel grating ,light weight steel grating , Weaved locked steel grating drainage, hinged trench cover, V drainag cover , etc

Production Flow


Rain drainage steel grating is made by bearing bar and cross bar according to the flat-steel weft arrangement, in high-pressure spacing on resistance welder welded by cutting, incision, opening, overlock process such as processing and into customer requirements finished products.

Packaging & Shipping

1. Steel pallets, then plastic film in the surface.
2. Stow wood, or wooden tray with steel strip.

3. According to your packing requirements.

Our Services


Save worry, save money, save time! Jinghua give you best products & best service!

1. Everything we do is customer-oriented.

2. Quality is the top priority of system planning.

3. We are professional, friendly and businesslike.

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Shunjinhua is specialized in manufacture and export all kinds of steel gratings with the best quality, competitive price and faster delivery time. Such as steelmill black and hot dip Galvanizing grating flooring walkway, platform and steel structures, stair tread, well cover, trench cover, compound gratings, storage shelves, ladder, fences and handrail so on for construction project, oil project, seaport, power plant, water plant, defense project, chemical factory and so on.

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