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Mild Steel Grating Stair Treads Expanded Walkway Mesh Non-Slip Fit Platforms

Specification: 1-5 USD/TON
Use Parts: 100 TON
Supply Ability: 1000 TON
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Place Of OriginTianjin,China
Payment Terms30%TT In Advance, Balance Before Loading
Supply Ability3000 Pcs One Month
Delivery Time15-25days
Packaging DetailsSteel Palletized
MaterialMild Steel Plates
Pitch30 X 100 Mm
Type 25 X 4.0 Mm
Surface FinishGalvanized Or Plain
SurfacePlain Bar
Size1.8 X 5.8 M
Specification1-5 USD/TON
Use Parts100 TON
Supply Ability1000 TON
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

Stair treads is deep-processed products combination of non-slip and side panels. Mainly used for stepping on the ladder, it is usually referred to as stair treads. According to installation, stair treads general can be divided into two types:welding fixing and bolted fixing. If welded directly to the support and does not require additional stepping on the side panels, relatively economical and durable, but not easy to disassemble. Bolt treads on both sides have the thicker panel, and punch a hole in the side panel, the installation is a direct bolt-on, reusable recycling.

From economic point of view, as far as possible use the proposed module width (Series 1 using 125,155,185,215,245,275, Series 2 using 125,165,205,245,275 mm, etc.) as a multiple of 100mm length (such as 500, 600,700,800,900,1000,1200 mm, etc.).

Stair treads features:

Material savings: most province of the material means withstand the same load conditions, accordingly, can reduce the material of supporting structure.

Reduce investment: saving materials, the provincial labor, the provincial period, free cleaning and maintenance.

Construction simple: clamp bolt or welded fixed on the pre-installed support, one to complete.
Save period: products without on-site re-processing, installation is very quick.
Durable:hot-dip zinc corrosion protection in the factory , appearance, impact resistance and pressure capability.

Structure light: a small timber, the structure light, and easy lifting.
Anti-dirt plot: not plot rain, snow and dust.
Reducing air resistance: Due to good ventilation, windy wind resistance and reduce wind damage.
Design simple: no small beam, simple structure, designed simplify; without grating design detail, can only indicate the model, our factory can design exclusive board diagram on behalf of clients.

Stair treads quality requirements:

·         Stair treads tolerance: treads length tolerance range [0 - (-3) mm], treads width tolerance range [(-3mm)-3mm].

·         Stair treads welding requirements: welded joints of the former guard and wrapping with each load flat steel is not less than 3mm weld angle.

Stair treads types:

·         According to installation, stair treads can be divided into welding fixing stair treads and bolted fixing stair treads. Welding fixing stair treads is generally steel grating, and bolted fixing stair treads need add 65 × 5mm flat steel to steel grating as side panel.

·         Depending on whether there are non-slip can be divided into Nosing (Striped Plate or bar steel) stair treads and non-Nosing stair treads.


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