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Safe Stainless Galvanized Special Shaped Steel Grating With Cheap Price

Specification: 1-100 USD/CUBIC METERS
Use Parts: 10 CUBIC METERS
Supply Ability: 2000 TON
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Place of OriginTianjin, China
Brand NameShunjinhua Trade
The space of flat steel30mm or as per you request
The space of cross-bar100mm or as per you request
Bearing bar20x5, 25x3, 25x4, 25x5, 30x3, 30x4, 30x5, 32x3, 32x5, 75x8mm, etc.
Bearing bar pitch25, 30, 30.16, 32.5, 34.3, 40, 50, 60, 62, 65mm, etc.
Cross bar5x5, 6x6, 8x8mm (twisted bar or round bar)
Cross bar pitch40, 50mm or as customers requirement.
Surface treatmentUntreated, Hot dip galvanized, Cold dip galvanized, Painted
Flat bar typePlain, Serrated (tooth-like), I bar (I section)
Material standardLow carbon steel (CN: Q235, US: A36, UK: 43A)
Specification1-100 USD/CUBIC METERS
Supply Ability2000 TON
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

Galvanized Steel Grating

Steel grating are widely used in various plants at home and abroad, like power plants, chemical plants, oil refinery, iron and steel works, machine factories, paper mills,cement mills, hospitals and and food processing factories, tec.


-Rotation ways, channels, and platforms for pump rooms and engine rooms in various ships;

-flooring in various bridges such as railway bridge sidewalks, over-bridges across the street;

-platforms for oil extraction sites, car washing sites and air towers;

-fencings for car-parks, buildings and roads; drainage trench covers and drainage pit covers for highways.

-The steel grid with flat steel spacing of 30mm is the most widely used variety in the industrial field.In the series of commonly used steel grid plate, it has the strongest resistance to surface impact.
-flat steel spacing of 40mm steel grid for the most economical, the most portable varieties.In the case of the smallest span, is the most ideal choice.

-flat steel spacing of 40mm, bar spacing of 50mm steel grid plate is designed for mining applications and development of varieties, it solves the mineral splashdown on the plate, often designated for mining processing plants, transfer stations, crushing system plate.

Manufacturing process

Steel grating is made by the world first-class Italian ORSOGRIL equipment, which can arrange the bearing bar and cross bar in longitude and latitude order to certain distance. Cross bar is pressed into the bearing bar by high tension resistance weldingring which is controlled by computer. So we can produce high quality gratings with firm welding, smooth surface and high strength.

Surface process of grating

Hot-dipped Galvanizing

Normally, hot-dipped galvanizing will be carried out after end welding process. When the thickness of bearing bars is not less than 5mm, the weight of average Zinc Layer will not be less than 610g/m2.

When the thickness of bearing bars is less than 5mm, the weight of average Zinc Layer will not be less than 460g/m2. The quality and requirements after hot-dipped galvanizing are according to the standards of GB/T13912.

Specification in Guidance

Cross Rod Pitch load Bar Pitch load Bar Specification(Width×Thickness)
20×3 25×3 32×3 40×3 20×5 25×5
30 100 G203/30/100 G253/30/100 G323/30/100 G403/30/100 G205/30/100 G255/30/100
50 G203/30/50 G253/30/50 G323/30/50 G403/30/50 G205/30/50 G255/30/50
40 100 G203/40/100 G253/40/100 G323/40/100 G403/40/100 G205/40/100 G255/40/100
50 G203/40/50 G253/40/50 G323/40/50 G403/40/50 G205/40/50 G255/40/50
60 50 - G253/60/50 G253/60/50 G403/60/50 G205/60/50 G255/60/50
Cross Rod Pitch load Bar Pitch load Bar Specification(Width×Thickness)
32×5 40×5 45×5 50×5 55×5 60×5
30 100 G325/30/100 G405/30/100 G455/30/100 G505/30/100 G555/30/100 G605/30/100
50 G325/30/50 G405/30/50 G455/30/50 G505/30/50 G555/30/50 G605/30/50
40 100 G325/40/100 G405/40/100 G455/40/100 G505/40/100 G555/40/100 G605/40/100
50 G325/40/50 G405/40/50 G455/40/50 G505/40/50 G555/40/50 G605/40/50
60 50 G325/60/50 G405/60/50 G455/60/50 G505/60/50 G555/60/50 G605/60/50


 Quality standards 

Standard for steel grating

Standard for steel material

Standard for hot dipped galvanization

















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