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Well known custom galvanized special-shaped steel grating size price made in China

Specification: 1-100 USD/CUBIC METERS
Use Parts: 10 CUBIC METERS
Supply Ability: 2000 TON
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Place of OriginTianjin, China
Brand NameShunjinhua
Product nameSteel grating
Production processWelding
Grating Surface TreatmentElectro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, spray paint, anti-rust oil
Bearing bar typeflat bar, I bar, serrated bar
TypeSerrated Bar Grating; Plain Bar Grating
MaterialsLow carbon steel,Stainless steel,aluminum alloy,FRP etc
ColorSilver,black,ect or custom
Processing technologyPressure welding,pressure Locked
Specification1-100 USD/CUBIC METERS
Supply Ability2000 TON
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others


Special-shaped steel gratings are manufactured by cold-press riveting straight bearing bars to crimped rectangular flat bars. Our oldest products, riveted gratings offer superior resistance to impact, fatigue and repetitive loads.


Special-shaped steel gratings are available in carbon steel, 6000 series aluminum and 300 series stainless steels. These products are manufactured with bearing bars spaced either 1-1/8" or 3/4" apart and the standard rivet spacing is 7 inches on center. Optional close rivet spacing of 3-1/2" on center is also available.

Serrated Surface

The standard method of manufacturing serrated special-shaped steel gratings is to serrate the crimped cross member. When assembled, these cross members are raised slightly above the top surface of the bearing bars to provide a superior unidirectional slip-resistant surface. If your application is particularly prone to unsafe walking conditions, consider specifying "100% Serrated" grating where both the bearing bars and cross members are provided with serrations.


Special-shaped steel grille can be assembled into circular, trapezoidal, semi-circular, triangular, fan-shaped. Solid grid welding makes it have the characteristics of high load-bearing, light structure, easy to hoist, beautiful appearance and durability. Can be customized according to user requirements, design, provide guidance for installation.



Special-shaped steel grille is suitable for alloy, building materials, power plants, boilers, shipbuilding, petrochemical, chemical and general industrial plants, municipal construction, etc. It has ventilation, light transmission, anti-skid, strong bearing capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, easy to install and so on. Nowadays, the state has strengthened the control of pollution. Desulfurization, acid removal and dust removal equipment have become necessary environmental protection equipment in some polluted enterprises. The special-shaped steel grille, which is usually fan-shaped, is used in the operation platform of these environmental protection equipment.

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